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Text Messages


Text messages are often a fantastic way to get in touch with one of the criminal lawyers the quickest.  The nature of criminal practice puts the lawyers in Court quite a bit where they are obviously unable to respond to live calls or even listen to voice messages.  But they actually are often able to receive and respond to text messages from Court.  So please feel free to text a request to talk to a lawyer at any time.  You may find that yourself communicating with a lawyer (not a receptionist) right away.  For your own privacy reasons, please don't text details about the case.  At least at first simply indicate that you would like to speak to a lawyer.  In an emergency, you may find that the lawyer you are texting can get to a location to talk to you personally from Court.  This is the level of service you can expect from Shalley and Murray.


Email can also be a quick means to get in touch directly with one of the lawyers.  This email will connect you to partner James Shalley, the managing partner for the Westchester/Putnam portion of our exclusively criminal defense practice.  Please at least initially don't email significant details about your case, but try to limit the initial email to a request to open a discussion about your case or the case about which you are emailing.