The Eagle's Eye - Volume 1, Episode 1

Welcome to the Eagle's Eye Blog, where we will ruminate about ruminations on Westchester and Putnam criminal defense practice and experience.  If we repeat a lawyer's war story of some adventure of his or hers in Court, please know in advance that a lawyer's stories about adventures in Court are nearly as reliable as stories spun by the Devil himself.  You have been warned.  Of course we except ourselves from this rule because as your humble scribes, we have no particular agenda other than to inform or entertain (never both, always one or the other).  If you don't feel informed by one of our posts, then you should be feeling entertained.  If you don't feel entertained, we would at least hope that you would feel informed about something or other.  If you feel neither informed nor entertained, then I'm afraid we have failed and we beg your forgiveness.  But check back in and something more to your liking one way or another is bound to appear sooner or later.

Don Murray